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Eton Properties : 68 Roces For Sale
Unit Type For Sale Price Area(sq.m.) Notes
Townhouse ₱ 20,296,000 - 30,793,000 81 sqm - 120 sqm
3 Bedroom Corner Unit ₱ 26,809,000 LA: 112.44 sqm / FA: 198 sqm
3 Bedroom Middle Unit ₱ 20,484,000 LA: 81 sqm / FA: 169.25 sqm
4 Bedroom Corner Unit ₱ 30,464,000 LA: 117.04 sqm / FA: 238 sqm
4 Bedroom Middle Unit ₱ 24,593,000 LA: 91.20 sqm / FA: 200 sqm

If what you’re looking for is your dream place in the heart of Quezon City, look no further away. The 68 Roces townhouse will take precedence in whatever you’re hoping for in a warm, beautiful home. The location of this neighborhood is so strategic, convenient and most of all, accessible.

If you have a mid-size family or if you are a young couple starting on a new family – there is no better place than this for you and love ones. Or maybe you’re a single, successful young professional aiming to surprise your parents and siblings – this will be the perfect gift for them. So close to the best schools, hospitals, malls as well as government and private companies - you will never have to endure the daily struggles of commuting for your work or school. You and your family will have a “work-play-life” balance here, as time will be at your own pace and pleasure.

Your weekends will never be the same again as you maximize to the hilt the sports and recreational amenities in your community. Spend precious time with your family creating new memories. Have the best experiences using all those amenities and facilities available to you.

When you just want a comfortable, cozy place to come home to after a day’s grind, this township community is a perfect choice you would not regret. It is the best investment – a wise, judicious one that surely would appreciate in the years to come. Spend wisely your hard-earned money and savings to a prized investment such as this. It would be a lasting legacy to your children or children’s children. You will take pride knowing that you’ve spent the very best times of your life in this neighborhood along with your love ones.

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