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How can you not resist a community with beautiful pocket gardens and parks as their natural setting? On top of this, you will even get to enjoy all the amenities and features that this neighborhood offers. Amenities, both for work and play as well as sports and recreation create the balanced lifestyle you all need to have. Families will be glad that they can spend time together and enjoy each other’s company while just around their own place. Amenities that speak of a rich, balanced lifestyle that awaits you and your love ones are all right here so what are you waiting for? Definitely, an experience you shouldn’t want to ignore – modern comforts, premier lifestyle for you and your love ones.

There are rest and recreational facilities as well as community facilities that would surely fill your senses completely. What are these facilities? A multi-purpose Clubhouse is where family members can bond together as they spend time catching up, or just chilling it out on weekends on a non-home setting. A function hall is also available for celebrations like birthdays, baptismal parties, graduations, reunions or Christmas and New Year’s parties. They can also invite close friends to join them. A playground for kids is also nearby. No need to go outside and play in mall arcades since your kids can just step out of your home and have fun with neighbors’ kids in the community. How convenient it is for the parents and children, ‘right?

Families would love the swimming pool where residents can look forward to weekends. Kids can play to their hearts’ content. Parents and siblings can just bask in the sun anytime – reading their favorite book, sipping coolers or chilling out. The children’s pool and one for adults are all within the community. Everyone deserves the break after the 5-day school and workweek. Isn’t that fun?

When you see gardens – aren’t you relaxed a bit? Seeing greens everyday will be a daily happening here. There are themed gardens, in fact, so that makes it more appealing to anyone. Seeing those greeneries around you will soothe your senses, no matter how tired you’ve ben from work or school or business. At 68 Roces, themed gardens dominate the neighborhood so you will know you’d be in a tranquil place – where you’d always be at peace. This calmness surely would do wonders to how you will face and end your days. Walk around the themed gardens for that time of relaxation – you deserve it after all.

A retail arcade where residents can buy their immediate needs is also convenient. No need to step out of the property or go to the malls. Or for the enterprising residents, this can be a possible business venture, especially if you’ve got retail and selling experience already.

What’s more? This townhouse development presents something new: a 2.5 meter-wide grass-layered passage called the Green Pathway between residential clusters. This goes a long way – the entire community as it forces families to walk, run, jog and perhaps, bike away from vehicular traffic. Pretty cool – car-free paths all around you is indeed wonderful!

Other facilities include underground waterlines and drainage systems, overhead electricity as well as concrete paved roads.

If you’re here – safety and security are utmost considerations - so this gated community has high perimeter walls with an electrified fence. There is 24 x 7 security monitoring with the CCTV systems all around the neighborhood. You and your love ones can sleep peacefully at night knowing everything’s safe and secure right in your own neighborhood.

  • Adult pool
  • Kiddie pool
  • Multi-purpose clubhouse
  • Function room
  • Relaxing lounge area
  • A dynamic retail strip
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